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Hi! Welcome to my website! The goal of this website is to educate everybody on the awesome properties of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies! I will be walking you through the process of discovering how cryptocurrencies work, how to buy them and help you set up your wallet and store your crypto safely!

I hope you enjoy the information! If you need personal help in buying, storing or maintaining a cryptocurrency portfolio, check out my consulting page where I can help you personally!


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What are cryptocurrencies?

A 101 on cryptocurrencies, mining, blockchains and much more!

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What cryptocurrency to invest in.

What makes a good cryptocurrency? Read about the most important factors when evaluating a cryptocurrency or ICO.


What exchange to use?

Choosing the right exchange is essential to a successful cryptocurrency investment. Find exchanges with enough liquidity, a good track record and high security measures.

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How to store your cryptocurrencies?

Ensuring that your cryptocurrencies are stored safely is of utmost importance! Learn about Hardware wallets, software wallets and web wallets and find out what is best for you. (Hint: probably a hardware wallet)

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